Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Godhead: What do we know about the nature of the Godhead?

Wow! What an amazing curriculum the leaders have put forward for our youth! I've been studying the Come Follow Me manual and love the way it is set up. When it first came out, I thought, "What can I do for handouts?" I really didn't have an answer because I don't know what your Young Women need. So I decided to come up with this solution:

Each month I will do a post for each of the outline questions. Each post will contain:
1. The topic
2. The outline question
3. New handouts for each outline (scriptures, quotes, etc.)
4. Old handouts from the old manuals that you might use to teach if they apply (I've gone through and cross-referenced each lesson from the 3 old manuals)

This way, you will have options to go with the lessons that you will use, in the way that will benefit you. Of course, if you have a special quote that you would like to use, email me in advance, and I will add it. I will try to have each month posted at least 2 weeks in advance so you can prepare your lessons! Good luck and enjoy!!

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Credit: "Fabulously Faded" kit by Ponytail Designs

The topic

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The outline question with handouts
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Old handouts:
I was not able to find any of my old handouts to go along with this lesson. If you can think of any, comment below or drop me an email


  1. Thank you for continuing with handouts. We are excited about this new curriculum!

  2. Woo~Hoo !! Thank you so much! What a collection you have! I will refer my darling advisers and counselors to your sight, you touched on the basics and we can make it "for our girls !!

  3. These are just beautiful!!! I wish I'd seen this when I taught this last week... I'll be looking forward to more. Thank you!