Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Primary- January Theme

I've decided to branch out a bit and do something for Primary. I've made the monthly themes on a 4x6 and an 8x10 handout. They will all come from the same kit so will match. Enjoy!! Click here for the Rights and Use Information from the church for the picture.

Click on the picture to download a 4x6.

Click here for an 8x10.

Credit: Easton kit by Summertime Designs

Monday, December 27, 2010

Manual 3 Lesson 1- God the Father

I'm going to get a jump start for the new manual. Here is the first lesson.

Right-click to save a picture to your computer.

Credit: Deer & Darling kit by Everyday Mom Ideas (this is such a fun website and she has given me permission to use her kits. Check it out!!!)

Friday, December 10, 2010

More Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are some more creative neighbor gift ideas from How Does She? Click on the handout to download a 4x6. Click on the picture to read about the idea from How Does She? Click here to see other neighbor gift handouts.

Right-click on the picture to save to your computer or click on the 4Shared link to download from there!

Here's one that could go with nuts or anything with nuts in it. I changed it from what the post said.
This is a cute idea to stick to refrigerated cookie dough.



This was a great idea. Who else has run out of batteries on Christmas morning???

Credit: Very Merry Christmas kit by Scraps by Andrea
Photos from How Does She?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Neighbor Ideas

As I was browsing some blogs today I found the cutest ideas for neighbor gifts for Christmas. I did some handouts last year to go along with some treats for neighbors (click here to see my other Neighbor handouts), but I fell in love with these ideas from How Does She? Here are some handouts to go along with her ideas for neighbor gift ideas. Click on the picture to go to How Does She? and click on the handout to download a 4x6.

This is my all time favorite. This is what I am doing for my neighbors this year. Sorry if you are my neighbor and I just ruined it for you! Stick this to brownie mix or muffin mix or any mix in a box. (I love box mixes.)

This is another cute idea. Just attach to a bucket of ice cream and tie some plastic spoons on.
When soap comes on sale, grab a few and give this cute little saying to your neighbors attached to a bottle of soap.


All pictures from How Does She?
Credit: Old-Fashioned Christmas kit from Summertime Designs

Monday, December 6, 2010

Manual 2 Lesson 49- Disabilities

I know that I am posting early this week, but I am officially finished with Manual 2! Yeah. I know many of you won't get to this lesson, but here it is. I used a quote from Elder Wirthlin from a talk he gave in the April 2008 conference entitled Concern for the One. This talk was suggested in the Resource guide. It's a wonderful talk!

Click on the picture to download to your computer.
Click here to download a 4x6.
Credit: Angel Mother kit by Summertime Designs

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Manual 2 Lesson 48-Communication

I'm sorry if it seems as if I've been MIA lately! I'm suffering from morning sickness really bad and I haven't felt like doing much beside laying on my couch all day! Luckily, I have a fantastic husband who helps out around the house. I am so grateful for him! Here is the next lesson. I think there is only one more and then onto Manual 3!

Right-Click on the picture to download to your computer.
Click here to download a 4x6.
Click here to download an 8x10.
Credit: Autumn Blessings mini-kit by Scraps by Andrea