Thursday, March 24, 2011

Man.3 Less.16-Temple Endowment

I really wanted this one to be special for the girls, so I decided to personalize it for each of you with your temple on it. I used the church's pictures of the temples (click here for Rights and Use Information) Please comment or email me if I don't have your temple and I can add it. Here is what I came up with:

Click on your temple to download a 4x6 or an 8x10. Albuquerque, NM (4x6 8x10) Atlanta, GA (4x6 8x10) Birmingham, AL(4x6 8x10) Bismark, ND (4x6 8x10) Bountiful, UT (4x6 8x10)Brigham City, UT (4x6 8x10) Boise, ID(4x6 8x10) Cardston, Alberta (4x6 8x10) Columbia, SC (4x6 8x10)Columbia River, WA (4x6 8x10) Columbus, OH (4x6 8x10) Dallas, TX (4x6 8x10) Denver, CO (4x6 8x10) Draper, UT ( 4x6 8x10)Edmonton, Alberta (4x6 8x10) Fresno, CA (4x6 8x10) Gila Valley, AZ (4x6 8x10) Hamilton, New Zealand (4x6 8x10) Houston, TX (4x6 8x10)Idaho Falls, ID (4x6 8x10) Jordan River, UT (4x6 8x10) Kona, HI (4x6 8x10) Laie, HI (4x6 8x10) Las Vegas, NV (4x6 8x10) Logan, UT (4x6 8x10) London, England (4x6 8x10) Los Angelos, CA (4x6 8x10) Lubbock, TX (4x6 8x10) Manti, UT (4x6 8x10) Mesa, AZ (4x6 8x10) Monticello, UT (4x6 8x10) Mt. Timpanogos, UT (4x6 8x10) Nauvoo, IL (4x6 8x10) Newport Beach, CA (4x6 8x10)Oakland, CA (4x6 8x10) Ogden, UT (4x6 8x10)Oklahoma City, OK (4x6 8x10) Oquirrh Mt, UT (4x6 8x10) Orlando, FL (4x6 8x10) Portland, OR (4x6 8x10) Preston, England (4x6 8x10) Provo, UT (4x6 8x10) Regina, Canada (4x6 8x10) Reno, NV (4x6 8x10) Rexburg, ID (4x6 8x10) Sacramento, CA (4x6 8x10) Sao Paulo, Brazil (4x6 8x10) Salt Lake, UT (4x6 8x10) San Antonio, TX (4x6 8x10) San Diego, CA (4x6 8x10) Seattle, WA (4x6 8x10) St. George, UT (4x6 8x10) St. Louis, MO (4x6 8x10) Sydney, Australia (4x6 8x10) Toronto, Ontario (4x6 8x10) Twin Falls, ID (4x6 8x10) Vancouver, Canada (4x6 8x10) Washington, D.C. (4x6 8x10) Winter Quarters, NE (4x6 8x10)

Credit: Vintage Oreo kit by Summertime Designs

Man.3 Less.15-House of Israel

Credit: Unconditional Love kit by Scraps by Andrea

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do I have your temple?

I plan on posting Lesson 16 this week and I wanted to make it special. It's about temple endowments. I am personalizing it with your temple. Here are the list of temples that I have already done. Please email or post a comment if I don't have your temple! The ones in red are the ones that I have added recently.

Brigham City
Gila Valley
Jordan River
Idaho Falls
Las Vegas
Los Angelos
Mt. Timpanogos
Oklahoma City
Oquirrh Mt.
Salt Lake
San Antonio
San Diego
St. George
St. Lois
Washinton, D.C.
Winter Quarters

Thursday, March 17, 2011

GP Lesson 30-Charity

Click on the picture to download a 4x6.

Credit: Let's Get Together kit by Scraps 'N Pieces

Man.3 Less.14-Legacy

Click on the picture to save to your computer.

Click here to download a 4x6.

Credit: Someone's In the Kitchen kit by Scraps by Andrea

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GP Lesson 29-Lord's Law

Click on the picture to download a 4x6.

Credit: Gratitude kit by Scraps by Andrea


As per requested, I made a more 'masculine' handout for birthdays. I really struggle with making things more with the guys in mind. I like the cutsie, fun things. I hope this counts as something for boys!!!

Click on the picture to download a 4x6.

Credit: Sweet Cakes kit by Summertime Designs

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Handouts

Brooke emailed me with a wonderful idea for a new handout. She wanted something to take along to her visiting teaching sisters on their birthday. I took it a little farther and decided to do Primary, YW and just a generic birthday one. Thanks for the great idea. If anyone else would like to make a request, just email me! Click on the picture to download each handout (only available in a 4x6).

Credit: Sweet Cakes kit by Summertime Designs

Birthday word art by Elegant Wordart by Bethany

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Primary-March Theme

Click on the picture to download a 4x6.
Click here to download an 8x10.

Click here for the Church's Rights and Use information for the picture.

Credit: Easton kit by Summertime Designs