Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lorenzo Snow Lesson 20- The Kingdom of God Moves Forward

I made a major mistake!! Last week, I put the wrong quote on the lesson. This quote is supposed to go with this lesson and not with lesson 19. I apologize and if anyone needs a correct quote for last week's lesson, I will get a new quote up as soon as I can. So sorry!!!!!



  1. Are you on Instagram? You should be! lol

    I just posted on Instagram how I used your printable. Thanks for your designs!

    Instagram: jenkinskidfarm :)

  2. I've commented before, that I LOVE your handouts and have used them forever... both when I taught Sunday School, and now Relief Society. Just wondering if you'd be willing to ever put up a blank one of each design that we could put additional thoughts on to go along with the lessons? Just curious :)
    Thanks so much for your cute printables!