Thursday, October 14, 2010

Value Ribbon Certificates-Faith

I had a request for a wonderful idea. Dana wrote to me and said, "The bishop of our ward would like to present the value ribbons in sacrament meeting because they are an award. There is currently no certificate associated with them for presentation." She asked if I could come up with some sort of certificate for each value ribbon and a way to attach each ribbon. Here is what I came up with.

Each certificate is a 5x7. I made two different versions. The first is a certificate that you can print and write in the name and date for each girl. The second is just a generic that you can have printed off. Each certificate has the picture associated with it from the Personal Progress book. You can find the church's Rights and Use information for the pictures by clicking on the link. Click on each picture to download a 5x7. Read below for information on how to attach the ribbon.


Credit: Dryer Lint at Tiffany's kit by Summertime Designs

The next hurdle I had to overcome was thinking about how to attach each ribbon. With Dana's help, I came up with 3 different ways.
1. Make 2 slits on the left side of the certificate about 2 inches apart. Fold the ribbon in fourths. Thread through as follows: (sorry about the pictures, I just cut a piece of paper to show how to do it)

2. Use a cute paper clip (mine isn't cute) to attach the ribbon. The ribbon is folded in fourths.

3. Punch a hole in the top corner. Fold the ribbon in half and thread the folded part through the hole. Draw the ends of the ribbon up through the hole and secure. This one makes the ribbon hang longer.


  1. Love this idea! thanks for sharing!

  2. Very fun way to present the ribbons to the girls!